Billing Agreement Traduction Francais

Project mission: abandoning a project abonner to, s: subscribe to access to financial markets: access to money markets arbeitsunfall: industrial / work accident vereinbarung bi-partite: bilateral agreement framework: framework agreement umsatzsteigerung: grow revenues purchase: procurement, purchasing, terminal sale: handset procurement advertising purchase: purchase of advertising space shopping and supplying shopping Group: Group procurement transport: traffic routing buy: purchase complete: acquisitions: external growth / acquisitions decision actor: decision-making player-decision ur: decision-making actor akt: assets assets assets immobilisierte body: fixed assets Shareholder: shareholder Shareholders individual: individual shareholders shares haupt: main actions fixed activity: wire-line / fixed-line activity activity activity sub-contracted updated: discounted, updated eignung, in: geared to affect: posted assignment: Posted display, s`displayed, to be handelsagentur: sales office / outlet reisebo : agency rating agency: rating agencies agencies companies: corporate (client) agencies agent: civil employee agent contract: member of staff under contract financial aggregates: financial aggregates align: align food: power supply: power supply: improved power supply: improved performance improvement: performance improvement of the group`s operational performance performance: improving group operational performance performance global performance: total operational performance improvement operational verbsserung: operational improvement verbesserung: improve, verbesserung der Produktivitet: improve productivity depreciation: amortisation of acquisitionMinderung: depreciation of goodwill au-erordentliche abschreibung: write-off grĂ e: scope, scale, extent analysis / value review projekte: project value analysis value analysis: value-analysis Profitability analysis: profitability analysis CA analysis: income analysis annexes: annual annexes: yearly appropriate: suitable, appropriate e-procurement: decisional choice , Arbitration out of activity: termination of activity articulate around, s: hinge around ASSEDIC: employee / employer state unmployment contributions shareholders Meeting of shareholders: shareholders` meeting base: accounting base associates (taxes): related (taxes): accompanied with ensure: carry out, undertake ensure, ensure, to make sure that… workshop: workshop assetout: objective: meet / reach the objectives objective: achievement of objectives expected: expected expectations: expectations attribution: attribute, assign free attribution: free issuance instead: instead of the highest valuations: height of the stock-market boom, at the pro rata Kapitalerh-hung: capital increase, increase in capital erh-hen die Effizienz der Marketingausgaben: increase marketing spend effectiveness increase revenue: increase of revenue Authenticate identity: authenticate authenticate other users: other users: progress In case of self-billing, it is not the provider or service provider that creates the bill.