Cti Agreement

CTI and CCI (Canadian Council of Engineers) signed an agreement on June 3, 2006 in White Horse, Canada. CTI FIRST MAINTENANCE: CTI`s First Maintenance is CTI`s most comprehensive maintenance program for Vorr5 Enterprise (non-Avaya Support Advantage) and telecommunications and data equipment for SMEs. First maintenance can be acquired with an annual multi-year contract, extended or enhanced. CTI Premier Maintenance begins with CTI acceptance of the agreement with the purchase of a new communication system (starting immediately after the manufacturer`s warranty and continues for the 12-month extension). CTI REMOTE ADVANTAGE: CTI`s remote advantage is a basic support plan for R5 and up for TELECOMMUNICATIons and SME data equipment. CTI Remote Advantage can be purchased on a renewed or discounted multi-year agreement. CTI Remote Advantage begins on the first day of the second month following the acceptance of the agreement with the purchase or upgrade of a communications system. CTI signed an agreement with the Board of Engineers Malaysia on February 5, 2008. 5. EXISTING AGREEMENTS.

In the case of the provision of equipment or services, CTI is not responsible or responsible for the costs or other costs associated with the termination of the buyer`s existing agreements. It is the buyer`s responsibility to terminate all existing contracts. These include equipment rentals, network services and maintenance contracts. The buyer is only responsible for existing contracts or related termination fees, without reimbursement of CTI. MAS and CTI herehey waive any notice rights for amendment and amendment, as otherwise provided for by the CTI Agreement or applicable laws. Professor Sjarief Widjajaa, President of KTI SBB`s Interim Regional Secretariat (IRS), said: “This entry into force of the institution`s regional secretariat is a great dynamic to develop a strong permanent regional secretariat, capable of offering more benefits for the conservation of its member states` marine resources. THE KTI is actively involved in the European LEPAC project under the coordination of FEANI. The agreement also includes the status and financial settlement that guide the behaviour of the regional secretariat. 2. TAXATION.

The buyer must pay all taxes (along with other taxes based on the seller`s net income) to be paid, paid or recovered by the seller, but determined, that are collected or are based on price, this agreement or equipment, including, but not limited, on federal, national and local sales or use taxes, whether domestic or foreign. Crew Training International-Personal has experience performing CAAS IV tasks to meet the service requirements of the United States Air Forces, Air Combat Command (ACC), Management acquisition and integration centre (AMIC). CAAS IV is a strategic initiative that was launched with the Washington Air District Contracting Directorate (AFDW/PK). “ACC AMIC meets the needs of MISSION ACC (HQ) and AFDW hq Air Force (HAF), The Secretary of the Air Force (SAF), AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) and requirements for the afDW/PK customer mission.” CTI supports the mission needs of customer advisory and support services in the following areas: 4.