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Severance agreements are tempting, especially if they are supported by multi-month pay or other financial benefits. However, signing one of these contracts, without understanding the terms to which you subscribe, can be costly. For more information on your legal options for dealing with non-compete agreements, contact us today and speak to one of our lawyers. Employers may offer a redundancy agreement to outgoing workers in exchange for the release of certain legal rights. It is important for an employee to understand the terms of the severance pay and the rights that are waived. Employers in almost every occupation use severance agreements to get what they want from the laid-off worker. While the list of provisions varies from agreement to agreement, the employer considers them to be a financial incentive. For this reason, it is worth knowing exactly what you are giving up and how much it is worth. “Labour Act 101: What You Need to Know, How You Grow,” will cover labour law issues that are relevant to small businesses…. Read more Often it is simply the right to file a complaint against the company. In other cases, it includes a wide range of competition restrictions, proprietary information and other factors that may affect future employment.

A review of the compensation agreement can help protect your rights and reduce the impact of this type of agreement on your future employment. Many professionals, including doctors, executives and sales agents, enter into employment contracts or employment contracts. The lawyers for Crawford-Crawford, PLLC have experience with the complex laws that govern employment contracts to ensure that your interests are protected. Contact our law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, to speak to our lawyer Robert Crawford. Click here to learn more about severance pay and non-competition bans, or contact us now to see if we can help you in your case. Employment contracts can be very dense and filled with legal language that is difficult to understand. By letting a lawyer from our firm check their employment contracts, we can assure you that you understand the terms and conditions and that you are able to effectively negotiate all the conditions that do not correspond to your best interests. An experienced lawyer can verify these contracts and provide important advice to ensure that the language defines the terms of employment in a complete, accurate and clear manner. A lawyer may assist in the negotiation and development of the terms of the contract, the maximization of a staff member`s compensation and benefits, or the minimization of the concessions that a staff member must make both at the time of the acceptance of a position and at the time of the termination of a position. Dan Hartzog, Jr., a municipal and labour lawyer at Cranfill Sumner – Hartzog LLP (CSH Law), has been appointed a City Councillor for Hope Mills, N.C. Hartzog will assume the duties of the city`s lawyer on July 1, 2016 in addition to maintaining his current practice at CSH Law…. Read more Many employers use severance agreements when laying off an employee.