La Group Collective Agreement

(g) If the parties agree to present evidence to the arbitrator during an oral proceeding, the arbitrator makes an oral decision that is recorded and initial by the representatives of the parties present at the oral proceedings. This oral decision is confirmed in writing by the arbitrator within five (5) working days following the oral procedure. Contracting parties may, at the request of the arbitrator or by written agreement, amend the provisions of this section. For workers covered by the CNL-CRPEG collective agreement, the collective agreement prevails over this document, where and to the extent that they may conflict. Can monitor large groups of professional and non-professional staff or a small group of highly specialized staff employed in complex technical applications. These are more difficult problems and approaches. Coordinates work programs and manages the use of equipment and equipment. In general, it is recommended to select, train and evaluate staff. Maintain a high level of staff ethics. 18.05 The Company is made available to the Dental Plan group in accordance with Manulife Directive 37985 and, in accordance with the four dental plans and the cost-sharing agreement described in Schedule E, the coverage amounts will be based on the current prince of dental fees for general practitioners in the province where the services were provided. (a) subject to Article 19 or subject to a waiver of the agreement with the Institute, internal competitions are held for the continuation of positions within the section 1 bargaining unit (recognition) that the company wishes to fulfil; Communications regarding required qualifications and related work are published at least six (6) working days prior to the competition selection deadline. Applications from workers who have not worked during the posting period are considered when they are received within a reasonable time before the selection process is completed.

(5) A leave of more than eight (8) weeks may be carried out with the explicit voluntary consent of the participating company and the employee concerned. The agreed leave period may be reduced either by the company concerned or by the worker concerned, by a period of thirty (30) working days, unless shorter notice is agreed upon by mutual agreement. Other specific conditions in this regard regarding the appointment of the Commission`s directors are outlined below. Can handle large groups of scientific and technical support staff or a small group that handles highly technical applications. Is responsible for the motivation and technical management of a team and the technical validity of its work. These are more difficult problems and approaches. Coordinates work programs and manages the use of equipment and equipment. As a general rule, staff selection, training, performance evaluation, discipline and compensation are recommended. 24.01 In accordance with the preamble to this agreement, the company and the Institute share a desire to resolve disputes or disputes as much as possible through a cooperative process characterized by rapid and open discussion and creative resolution of problems.