S185 Agreement Thames Water

Advertise and pay for our sanitation services. These include taking over an existing or new sewer, building on top of or near a sewer, transloading a sewer and much more. Identifying the status associated with drainage and water is an important element of housing intermediation. In fact, the Law Society now recommends that every developer perform a Drainage con29DW & Water Enquiry. To get as complete an overview of drainage and water as possible, it is important to get official research. Every home buyer will want to be sure that their belongings are connected to the water and drainage supply. And as the official supplier of the Law Society`s CON29DW Drainage and Water Enquiry, Thames Water Property Searches is well positioned to provide it. Their development may not have drainage into an existing public sewer, given that third-party land is across the road. In this case, we can provide both a dirt channel and a surface water channel to supply the site. Developers interested in a country containing public sewers may request the transfer of the sewers so that development work can proceed in accordance with section 185 of the Water Industry Act 1991. Often you can do the bypass work yourself, but sometimes we have to do it – for example, when it comes to a strategic sewage disposal channel. In any case, fees are in progress.

If you need a variety, you need to apply via the button below and we advise you on the next steps. We recently introduced improvements to our CON29DW Drainage & Water Enquiry. You now include a structured relocation as well as saving a summary of the results (which means you`ll have a quick overview of a search`s results). Find out about schedules, fees and other information about connecting your development to our public sanitation system. Once you have submitted your application, we will conduct a technical check to determine if the sewers are strategic. If not, you may be in a state of the way, you can do the associated work: to view discounted research packages containing this product or to request a quote, please click here. Self-lay suppliers could offer a cost-effective and fast solution for your construction program. Apply to us if you plan to build above or within three meters of a public sewer. Tell us about the introduction of a sewer or pumping station before construction.

If you need to modify or remove a public sewer at your development site, you can request a diversion. When it comes to a strategic sewage disposal channel, we usually get the job done. In that case:…..