Sample Individual Flexibility Agreement

The Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) compares the IFA to the 2020 Pastoral Prize. The agreement will go through the BOOT, if, in the end, the employees are better off, it would have been that no agreement was reached and that they remain paid after the bonus. The financial remuneration received by the employee before and after the conclusion of the contract is compared. INDIVIDUAL FLEXIBILITYTHE agent heresafter requests inspective flexibility arrangement with the Technical University of Curtin (university) for the following questions:a) the benefit of additional leave without pay following the birth or adoption of a child, in addition to the leave covered by the parental leave clause;b) the use of acquired leave in addition to the 4 weeks of annual leave, the annual leave provided in clause [x]; (c) on the allowances in clause [x]; (d) vacation expenses under the [x] Annual Leave Loading.e) Agreements relating to the period during which the work is carried out (only for: the General Staff) 9-2012 (specify academic or general education) which will vary by the Interdividual flexibilitycompadableequity……… The Individual Flexibility Arrangement the effect of the terms is……………… Overall, staff will be better off in terms of the conditions of their employment as a result of the Individual Flexibility Arrangement because………… The provisions of this Individual Flexibility Arrangement are authorized by Section 172 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and are not illegal references under Section 194 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). This Reflexibility individual equidual has really been agreed by staff and the university, and this regulation means that staff are generally better placed than the employee in the absence of Flexibility interding Arrangement. The university is committed to providing staff with a copy of the Reflexibility arrangement within 14 days of the agreement. The university or agent may terminate the Individual Flexibility Arrangementby a 28-day written communication to the other party about the individual flexibility agreement; or if the university and staff give their written consent at any time. This Individual Flexibility Arrangement is effective by:Day-Month-Year…………… Page 1 of 2 Any modern attribution and enterprise agreement must, however, include a concept of “flexibility.” If an enterprise agreement does not contain a concept of flexibility, it will be carried out in such a way as to include the concept of standard flexibility defined in the Fair Work Regulations 2009.