Stamp Duty For General Agreement In West Bengal

(d) occasional access to stamped documents submitted. – heads of office where adhesive stamps are used or deposited must sometimes check the documents submitted to ensure that the stamps have been properly danced and have not subsequently been removed from the documents on which they are used. The inspection must be carried out at least once a quarter. The test prescribed here applies in the same way to all papers that require adhesive labels and must be subject to a similar test. Article 6(2) of the Human Power Act, that stamp duty on the instrument proving a securitisation agreement for movable property, where such securitisation has been carried out as security for the repayment of money intended to be designed or reinforced by an existing future loan or debt – Article 34 (d) of the Karnataka Stamp Act list establishes the stamp duty for the act of exploitation of the movement Si the loan or debt is repayable on request, 2) description of the stamp (i.e. marked or marked): f) stamp fraud which must be reported immediately. – local authorities must immediately report to the government any case of falsification or fraudulent use of a description of stamps, whether in general or judicial terms, of which they are aware. Such reports should always contain comprehensive information on the nature of the fraud and, as far as possible, provide templates. (k) (i) return of revenue and expenditure. .