Stand Still Agreement Meaning In Hindi

Meaning and definitions of the judgment, translation into Hindi language for the judgment with similar and opposite words. Also find the spoken pronunciation of the deadlock in Hindi and English. An agreement to maintain the current situation, in particular an agreement between two countries, in which a debt that one owes to the other is maintained in deratilisty for a certain period of time. Some local leaders of the princely states have tried to buy time by declaring that they will sign the status quo agreement, but not the accession instrument until they have had time to make up their minds. In response, the Indian government considered that it would only sign status quo agreements with the states that joined the Union. [4] Until August 15, 1947, the agreed date and date of India`s independence, all but four princely states, which are Indian, signed about 560 of them, both the accession instrument and the status quo agreement with India. The exceptions were Hyderabad, a large state in central South India, which received a two-month extension, and three small states of Gujarat: Junagadh and its subsidiaries (Mangrol and Babariawad). [5] Hyderabad`s Nizam, which had previously obtained a three-month extension to conclude new agreements with the Dominion of India, wrote to the Indian government on 18 September that it was ready to enter into an association agreement with India. But he said membership would cause unrest and bloodshed in the state. [7] On 11 October, Hyderabad sent a delegation to Delhi with a draft status quo agreement, described as “complex” by V.

P. Menon, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Minister of State Vallabhbhai Patel rejected any agreement that would not fully cede defence and foreign affairs matters to the Indian government. On the advice of Governor General Louis Mountbatten, Menon prepared a new draft treaty that was referred with the Hyderabad delegation. The Nizam Executive Council reviewed the agreement and approved it by six votes to three. Nizam agreed, but delayed the signing of the agreement. [8] The status quo agreement was separate from the accession instrument formulated at about the same time by the United States Department, which was a legal document including a transfer of sovereignty to the extent defined in the instrument. [1] What does the judgment mean in Hindi, the judgment means the definition of in, the judgment, the examples and the pronunciation of the judgment in the Hindi language. The new delegation obtained only trivial changes to the previous draft agreement. [12] It established that all subsequent agreements and administrative arrangements between the British Crown and Nizam would be maintained with the Indian government.