Synovus Deposit Agreement

I didn`t think that day would come. I rarely even write comments, and I`ve NEVER updated a review. But this app deserves it. Synovus has reworked this application a lot. I love it! They make the process of using Synovus for credit cards, checking accounts, rewards, check deposits and transfers completely streamlined and smooth. I hope Synovus will give the developers a pizza party and a day off for the work they put into this app. I`ve been using the app since it came out, and I can tell you, GREAT JOB! And the work they continue to put into updates??! Serious team, great job! Each payment you may receive is based on the number of overdraft fees charged to your synovus account as a result of booking top-down debit card transactions during course periods. It is not possible at this stage to know what the amount of payment will be for a member of the settlement class from the settlement. Payments are based on the number of people in the billing class and the amount of additional overdraft fees paid by each member of the billing class based on the highest to lowest dollar booking order. Only a small percentage of all overdraft fees collected by Synovus were affected by high-priced messages.

Therefore, not all overdraft commissions received are eligible for payment as part of this transaction. If your billing cheque is $100.00 or more, it has a “deposit only” as a fraud prevention measure.