Umass Amherst Community Agreement

Designated on-site staff who are in good health but whose family members are ill with COVID-19 should contact central staff at 413-687-2283 or and contact public health officials for information on the risk assessment of their potential exposure. A designated on-site staff member may be entitled to obsegord leave for a family member who is ill under the existing policy and collective agreement provisions. Call, email or make an appointment with the financial assistance office to discuss it. We check your scholarships and inform you of the rules specific to each of your scholarships. If you have a scholarship from outside the university (for example. B by your high school, hometown, community foundation, etc.), you need to talk to your fellow. UMass distributes scholarships according to the scholar`s preferences. Yes, credit adjustments can be made by filling out our credit amendment form under via DocuSign. Please note that we cannot exceed the lender`s limits per semester or year. Call, email or make an appointment with our office if you have any questions about your specific credit authorization and its amounts.

(Added August 14, 2020) Yes, you must be tested twice a week to keep yourself and your internship site safe. If this is a problem related to problems such as distance, child care or transportation, please send an email and we will work with you on a modified test plan. As described in the “Protect Yourself” section of the agreement, students should take a COVID-19 test before arriving on campus or upon arrival, if they wish, and if they have symptoms or have been informed that they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. Students should monitor for symptoms and report to the university health services if they have symptoms. The Centre for Mental and Psychological Health (CCPH) has established an infrastructure to provide remote access to all CCPH services (groups, workshops, psychiatry and individual therapy). For more information on regular services and special mental health programs, please visit: Yes, to determine the risk of potential exposure to others on campus, the UMass Public Health Team conducts contact follow-ups in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Public Health policies for each person who has tested positive. The team will have its own phone number and caller ID, and will be active in promoting the Answer the Call program to protect the UMass community. In accordance with the agreement, students are expected to participate in testing and contact follow-up “in order to preserve the health of the community,” as well as “limit participation in personal courses, maintenance of necessary businesses, work, purchase and collection of meals, health care, outdoor activities and other necessary academic or private activities.” Students must limit personal travel outside Amherst and cannot accommodate outside visitors.

The agreement encourages students to develop an “isolation and quarantine plan” before returning to campus, and to “set up a go kit if [they] need to be isolated or isolated and cannot return to my room.” While students are advised to avoid overcrowded spaces, the agreement provides that students “do not organize or attend meetings and parties where social renunciation is not possible.