With a Bachelor of Arts (Music Theatre) and extensive performance experience in Australia and internationally, Lizzie teaches individuals, groups and ensembles, and has been employed as a vocal and acting coach for productions and at education and training institutions.

In Lizzie’s Brisbane based studio she aims to provide a relaxed and positive environment where students feel comfortable to learn without inhibitions.

Lessons are tailored to each student’s individual talents and goals, with the goal of helping the student find their own unique speaking and singing voice.

Using classical and Estill methods, Lizzie gives her students knowledge about how their voice works, and the ability to use it in a safe and effective manner. Her students range from those who haven’t sung in public to the very experienced, and her techniques are of special use for performers looking to sing in a musical theatre (both modern and legit) or contemporary pop/rock style.

For performers looking to develop their professional skill base, Lizzie offers a flexible process where they can fine tune their vocal instrument and sharpen their craft through a range of contemporary vocal techniques and practices.


Lizzie Moore brings her extensive performance and singing experience to her teaching. She is supportive, insightful, inspiring and also exacting. Both our teenage children have loved her tuition. Our daughter at 13 has been singing for years but under Lizzie’s guidance her voice has expanded and her confidence and performance skills blossomed. Our son (now18) took on singing coaching with Lizzie as another aspect of his voice training as an actor earlier this year. He has delighted in everything Lizzie has taught him in the past few months. She has such a broad range of skills and ideas that every lesson has been a fantastic learning curve. He just completed his first musical (one of three leads) and while he was cast with other far more experienced singers, he gave a vibrant, poised (and very musical!) performance. Thank you, Lizzie. You’re a star.

– Heather Rose


I’m a singer/ songwriter – with five albums, a Triple J Hottest 100 single and extensive touring background. Only thing is I’ve never been happy with how my voice delivered my own songs – until Lizzie.

My only previous venture with professional lessons years ago looked at diaphragm breathing (which I never grasped then) and some vowel sounding techniques that left me disillusioned about ever finding a natural expression. I was resigned to feeling, both inside my head and listening back to the recordings that I would always only hear my performances as plain hard work – not very satisfying artistically.

Enter Lizzie. First thing was how empathetic and clearly understanding she was for what I wanted and hoped to find for my voice. And how insightful her suggestions for what we could look at.

It was evident from the first lesson what deep experience and knowledge Lizzie has. And she is a great teacher. Lizzie gave me simple, instantly beneficial exercises and technique advice that has equipped me in finding and exploring my self-expressed voice – exercises that have also been brilliantly supportive when preparing for live perfomance.

I have for years longed to feel comfortable singing my songs. What Lizzie has given me means I now sing with a power and control that is where the self-expression comes from. And artistically, this is truly satisfying.
– Rowan Smith


In 2012 in my capacity as Head of Music at MacKillop Catholic College, Mornington, Tasmania, I employed Lizzie in two roles simultaneously, namely; singing teacher for our students in Years 7 – 10 and Vocal Coach for Year 10s preparing for their annual production – ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. 

In a very short space of time, though having never met them before, Lizzie struck up an easy rapport with our Year 10 students. Students responded to Lizzie’s positivity, sense of fun and professionalism. Her wealth of experience in the theatre, combined with her realistic, flexible and adaptable ‘can do’ approach to teaching teenagers was often a wonder to watch in action!  Over the period of around 16 weeks, she helped to instill in our students, vocal ‘confidence’, add to their sense of stage presence, taught them to ‘own’ their part, and to be able to ‘become’ their characters – all whilst remaining as true to the score as possible for teenagers of fledgling and widely varied ability and previous experience.

Her support to me in my role as Musical Director was also invaluable.  She was 100% encouraging and understanding.  She was supportive in her role, and helped me to learn a great number of things ‘on the job’ – by simply providing an experienced presence, and never once ‘treading on my toes’.

The overall experience of working with Lizzie in her role as Vocal Coach on ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ was enormously rewarding and I would not hesitate in recommending Lizzie for work in any theatre role, coaching role, teaching role (group or 1:1) for which she was suitable.


– Andrea Scott

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