Wedding Agreement Viveramia

“On last night,” Bian said. I promise you that Ami will never happen again. I guarantee no one is going to say anything bad about you or your family,” Bian promised. Cerbungnya already deleted the author seems mbk, basrusan I check was deleted :) “I owe a lot to Pakde and home. Hurting her is the last thing I`m going to do,” Tari said. Then… I hope you never see him again. “Yes, compensation,” Tari replied. “If you do harm, there will be compensation.” “You gave me a year. I want you to keep my name as a wife, as well as the name of my family,” concluded Tari. I don`t think I`m asking too much, do I? It`s over for the version of Cerbungnya ya, for more details are published in the Novel Wedding Agreement alhamdulilah has been published, please contact the author :) Tari turned around and found her husband in her work clothes. “Mrs. Darmi didn`t come and go,” Tari replied, continuing to dry the dried clothes.

When`s the next chapter,,??? You can`t go to the end “OK. But I can assure you that it will not happen. Bian gently wiped his face. No, he can`t compare Sarah to Tari. She has known her boyfriend since they went to university. And he`s already asked Sarah to wait for him. He has to keep his promise. Dance knocked out.

Of course, he intends to marry forever. For him, marriage was a adoration, not a joke. “You mean we`re going to get married for a while and we`re going to split up?” “If you don`t accept, it doesn`t matter. Please take the divorce action to the religious court. Bian got up and left his wife alone. Bian smiled back. I don`t know why she`s happy when Tari`s happy. Bian was upset when he picked up a cell phone on TV and pulled it out. It`s true. Tari sent her a message about the VA a few days ago, but she didn`t read it. Even though it`s a vacation, he has futsal appointments with his friends. “I can`t,” Bian replied. Bian was smiling a little.

“No, it`s not me. That`s the way it is. Bian gave up when Tari put his hand in the queue. “Are you sure you`re brave?” Dance nodded enthusiastically with a broad smile. The best day ever. The dance is stunned with his eyes big. He immediately turned his gaze in the other direction. . Close Bian. She did not expect Tari to think about the marriage she had.

Moreover, she did not think so long about the consequences of her meeting with Sarah. It`s a good novel. But Chapter 21 cannot be opened by yes. Bian stood aside and looked for a bush to remove his entrails. There mbak two writers are also cool ya mbk doing his writing :) Hi mbk Mia Please contact the author to order her novel mbk, 08158140664 Dance Massage slowly neck bian if her husband spat out his breakfast. He took fabrics and eucalyptus oil out of the bag. He didn`t know that Bian was the first to feel bad when he finished the game. “How, is it better?” asked Tari when she rubbed eucalyptus oil on her husband`s neck.

Bian nodded. Tari was about to open her mouth and protest, but she relaxed. . The dance turned around while he was holding clothes to get dried. He`s waiting for Bian to talk. “Maybe you think I don`t care. But we`re the same. I`m not going to let anyone ruin my family`s name. Then…

You can take my word for it,” Bian said confidently. I want to drive him! “Tari exclaimed, pointing to a large boat that swung high. Bian sighed softly, he wanted to enter the front room and his movements stopped.